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Our clients love us almost as much as we love their pets!

  • Best pet sitters in Seattle! We are thrilled with the level of service and the love and kindness they show our pets.

  • Hound Dog pet sitting saved us! We have a handicapped 15 1/2 year lab. Petsitter after petsitter gave up on our dog except Hound Dog. Despite my pet's ongoing health issues, they continue to lovingly care for him.

  • Best pet sitters we have ever had! They are professional, conscientious, and so kind to our pets.

  • I have two rabbits who require more care than you can imagine. Until Hound Dog took over, I don't know who was more stressed when I went on a trip - my rabbits or me! Thanks to Hound Dog I know they always get the special attention they need and I can finally travel guilt-free.

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