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CalCoast Palms

CalCoast Palms had no web presence, and because their location is off the beaten path, they were nearly invisible. They were still using the parent company’s logo and therefor didn’t even have an identity to let people know what they had to offer.

We started by creating a custom logo that reflects their location and product and fits with the parent company’s identity.  We decided to use a logo mark rather than just text to not only better reflect the company’s product and location, but also to make it more diverse and easier to use across marketing materials.

To create an online presence, a necessity for any business now, we created a responsive ecommerce website built in Open Cart. We chose Open Cart for this client because they needed something simple, easy to use and didn’t need all the extras that a Woocommerce site offers.

In addition to the design and development of their site we also provided guidelines for photography, photo touch-ups, and initial product entry. We also created a user guide specific to them on how to use their site to track orders, add products and manage stock.